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Join the most successful business networking group in Mississauga.

Located in the heart of Mississauga. Representatives from a multitude of businesses meet and exchange strategies and concepts. We focus on self-development and knowledge - and that is how we grow your business!

We have many different industries in the Peel Region. Most businesses that become members are owner-managed, and our members come to grow their own businesses by utilizing the knowledge, experience, and contacts of others.
When you become a part of The Peel Professional City Club, other member businesses will refer you to people you know, creating business opportunities for you. Just be sure to do the same for your fellow members. Also, since members know only trusted, expert companies are allowed in The Peel Professional City Club, they are willing to do business with each other.
You’ll also learn from one another. You will be able to gain knowledge from people in numerous different industries. We have on-going presentations from expert guest speakers for you to learn from, as well.
You’ll also become friends with many of the people you meet in The Peel Professional City Club, and gain a network of people who support you in both business and personal matters.


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Located right at the heart of Mississauga

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