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Networking Tips 101

Here are some tips that we felt would be helpful..

You’re not at a networking event to sell but to begin to develop a relationship with the people you meet so that, as they get to know you, they will feel comfortable referring you to people in their network. You’ll never be able to meet everybody, so set a goal to have meaningful conversations with 3 or 4 people per event. When meeting new people, ask how you can help them! Start with something like: “What is your business about?” or “How do you help other people or companies?” Then follow up with “Who is your ideal client?” or “How do you find/meet your ideal client?” Be genuinely curious about the person and his/her business and your questions will flow. Make sure that you ask before you tell! Then remember to follow-up on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Those people that you really connect with personally or feel you may be able to help each other, set up a time to have coffee or lunch in the coming week. And remember…it takes a lot of time and effort before you see a return on the energy you put out – so keep coming out to events. It can be as much as 6-12 months, but it’s a wonderful way to meet like-minded people in your community, some who may become your new friends! And…don’t run away from potential “competitors” — turn them into referral partners! You may actually be more complementary to their business than competitive. And maybe they will need extra help as their business grows, or vice versa, and you’ll have each other to rely on.

Linda Kearn

Sales Strategist , Linda Kearn & Associates

People are friendly. They want to help you. Learn about their business and try to help them first. 

Justin Merced

Web Development & SEO, websiteTOON

BNI has a saying … “Givers Gain” and it says a lot

If you concentrate on learning more about your networking partners’ business and less on selling yours, it’s a good first step in establishing TRUST.

That trust, along with focusing on finding referrals for them will make it more likely that they will have the trust and the motivation to open up their network to you.

That is where the networking gold is.

Bill Wilson

The Networking Experience

“I didn’t connect with anyone even though I have 20 new business cards”

High level networking isn’t about how many cards you collected at an event – it’s about the people you meet and starting the courtship.

Next time that you’re out at a networking event, set a goal of meeting 3 or 4 people and get to know them reasonably well. Your gut will tell you if scheduling a time to meet later to get to know them better is the right thing to do. If you’re going to meet and you said that you will follow up……………follow up.

Rick Mamros


Tip Time

Ask and Get permission.

Focusing on a conversation is sometimes difficult. Especially when you’re thinking to yourself – how am I going to follow up? When do I follow up? Will they remember me? Will they take or return my call? Keep this thought in mind; if you truly want to follow up with the person you are speaking with, simply end each conversation by, asking and getting permission with the question,

“Would you mind if I called you about….?”

Being prepared will allow you to focus.


Rick Mamros

Tip Time

Card Collecting

“I collected 20 new business cards, but I didn’t ‘connect’ with anyone.”

High level networking isn’t about collecting a lot of cards. It’s about the people you meet and starting the courtship. Next time you’re at a networking event, set a goal of meeting 3 or 4 people and get to know them reasonable well. Your gut will tell you if scheduling a time to meet later to get to know them better is the right thing to do. If you’re going to meet and you said that your will follow up…make sure that you follow up!

Rick Mamros

Tip Time

Be a Nominator

Do you have any clients that can be recognized for their contributions to a special cause? If you don’t know….then the following, is one of the working parts, of networking. Do some research into the organizations that your clients, colleagues, associates, family members or friends belong to. Most organizations have award banquets or ceremonies. After you’ve learned about the awards available, nominate them. This action will tell them exactly how you feel about them…and how do you think they will feel about you?

Happy Networking,

Rick Mamros


Tip Time

How will people remember you??

Networking events are not the time to close the deal. Rather, these are the times to start the relationship(s).

People at networking events will remember you, when you are able to connect them to others, by introducing them to the people that they can help or to the people that can help them.

Be an “introducer” not an “order achiever.”

Best Regards,


Rick Mamros

Tip Time

Getting the sale!

You’re all charged up because you’re going to a networking event, to get a sale or two.

You’ll probably end up being disappointed.

Networking events are not the place to ask for the sale. It’s not that the event was bad; the reality is that networking events are the places to meet new people and to develop relationships. When done in this order, closing the sale at a date in the future is more realistic and a more effective way to get referrals.

Word will spread rather quickly that you’re out there hunting if you’re walking around an event with order pad in hand. People will tend to avoid people who take this approach.

Keep these 3 thoughts in mind; Help someone else first. Help someone else first. Help someone else first.

You can do it.

Rick Mamros

Tip Time

Are you asking or telling??

The fact is that you have to do both.

Be prepared to tell your story in a clear and concise manner but spend the majority of time in your conversations asking questions in a curious manner. People love to talk about themselves. In a short conversation, you will be able to determine if that person is one that you want to bring into your network.

Take your time to develop quality relationships. It’s not necessary to meet everyone in the room and not everyone in the room will qualify to be in your network.

Quantity does not equal Quality!

Best Regards,

Rick Mamros

Tip Time

The Many Faces and Personalities in your Network.

Your network is made of unique people and they all have something unique to offer….

…some people like to be in “control”…ask them for their outlook on a challenge.

…some people are “team players”…ask them for their help to solve a particular problem.

Understanding the special way that the people in your network can help you, will allow you to, leverage your time and get to solutions more quickly. Don’t forget the golden rule…..thank them, thank them and then thank them again!

Best Regards,

Rick Mamros

Tip Time

Buddy Power

If you have a networking event to attend and you need that little boost of confidence – bring a buddy.

Not all of us are smooth on the dance floor, especially when we’re just learning the steps to networking well.

You’ll be amazed at how many people will remember you and your buddy when they are approached by two people that showed interest in them.

After you’ve learned about the person that you’ve both approached….use the leverage that you and your buddy can provide for each other, by introducing your buddy and then your buddy can introduce you.

Happy Networking,

Rick Mamros